A trip to the zoo!


Today I went to the zoo in Daejeon! It is a small zoo with a bit of a theme park included; apparently several zoos in Korea come with parks and rides.  It was a very fun, very hot day; several of the animals were napping in the shade!20120731-175633.jpg


The entrance! 20120731-175651.jpg



A young Hyena!20120731-175718.jpg


Young wolves! 20120731-175735.jpg


Baby Tiger! 20120731-175806.jpg


I cant remember what this bird was, but he was posing for me.20120731-175756.jpg


The monkeys like to be close to the glass.20120731-175702.jpg


Sleepy wolves!20120731-175821.jpg


The iguana came over to the glass to say hello.20120731-175746.jpg


This raccoon was beat tired on this hot day! 20120731-175836.jpg


Iguanas laying around.20120731-175847.jpg


Friendly snake! Probably not even very bitey! 20120731-175900.jpg


You really otter relax. I said it. I am not taking it back.20120731-175959.jpg


His eyes are normally orange.  Piercing! 20120731-175948.jpg


Cooling off on the hot day in the water! 20120731-175913.jpg


The leopard’s cage had a path going over the pedestrian path.  I waited for him to cross over!20120731-175931.jpgMore bears!


It was a great day! Lots of heat, but a great day! I took all of these pictures on my Iphone and played around editing them in the Camera Plus Pro app.  It has all the basic editing tools, and isn’t too complex.  I mean, if I wanted to do heavy retouching I would be shooting with my DSLR and editing in Lightroom!  These pictures are just for fun on a fun day!


A Friendly Stray

So I was out at a park tonight when I saw a stray cat digging through some garbage for a meal.  I have a huge place in my heart for animals, and I hate to see homeless animals in the city.  If the animals are stray in the country side, that is different; there is no traffic in the woods and fields.  So this little cat was digging through the trash for a meal, and I kept watching it.  I looked away for a little while, and was surprised to notice the cat had jumped up onto where I was sitting!

Oh, hello there!

He quickly made himself at home.  There was no begging for food, or hissing; he simply hopped up and sat down next to us.

He kept purring away.

He inched closer and closer until he was right next to my friend ant I.  I was pretty excited, but I was sad to notice that he had a very obvious limp in his back right leg.

He even let me pet him!

I know its not the wisest thing to do, petting a stray, but my friend had made a good point; he is probably just a cat who runs away from home at night. He seemed pretty used to people, and pretty comfortable with them.

He was very content with his junkfood dinner.

As we left the park, he began to follow us! I was very surprised that he followed us as far as he did, but I was also afraid that he would follow me all the way home; I really did not want to have to look at him as I closed the door to my apartment building.  Luckily he only followed us to the edge of the park and then turned back.  I want to go back in a few days and see if he still lives there.  Maybe I’ll bring him a can of tuna!

Auto Stitch Panorama App

Auto Stitch Panorama App

Recently I bought the Auto Stitch panorama app for Iphone and I am very pleased with the results! Previously I was using the free Photosynth app, but it just wasn’t cutting it. Photosynth is great for a free app, but the images do not line up as seamlessly as they do in Auto Stitch. Any sort of panorama takes some practice and training, but good software is helpful too! If you have a couple spare dollars, and like to shoot panoramas on your smartphone, I would suggest Auto Stitch!

This is the bridge over the train tracks in my town. I have taken several pictures of it, but this is my favorite so far! Keep in mind that the bridge exits to the left and to the right are the same bridge; the panorama warps it into an interesting perspective!

Korea Has Bugs

Walking around Korea I notice many more insects, spiders, and bugs that I remember seeing in the states.  Most notably are the spiders! There are tons here, though two types seem to be pretty popular.

A type of Aphid. Much prettier than ones I have seen before.
I think that this beetle is eating a snail.


It’s getting better!

Wow! What a difference some tea, hot soup, and a good night’s sleep can do for the body! This morning I woke up and I was feeling much better than yesterday morning! Maybe my body knows that vacation is right around the corner, and it doesn’t want to miss out!

Yesterday I also found out the specific details of English camp for this summer.  I think most public schools in Korea offer a summer camp for the students to keep up with studies over break.  My camp starts on the 6th of August, and ends on the 17.  This means I have a bit of vacation before, and a bit after camp.  Im not too worried about the timing of camp; I was planning on taking my vacation to visit different parts of Korea rather than travel out of the country.

Oh, and today is payday!