Acupuncture part two

I like that so much the first time that I decided to go back a second! Acupuncture has really helped my back. It also relaxes my whole body. That may also be due to the fact that I have a very strong phobia of needles. My physiological reaction is usually very stressful and it makes me very tired. Either way, it makes me feel much better. This time I decided to have them do my back and my neck. I think it was a total of 33 needles. Have a look!




20120830-013510.jpg The two needles in my neck were not the worst, but they were unexpected. They were surprisingly comfortable, and they didn’t hurt at all.

Friendly Cat

Today I was in Daejeon, taking care of some bank business as well as making a trip to Costco. Near my bank I found this little guy and a sign for him. I asked one of my Korean friends what the sign said (since it was in Korean) because I was curious. They told me that this cat was named Nero, and it belongs to the shop owner nearby. The cat likes to be outdoors, so this is it’s playground. It also asks people not to steal the cat because it has an owner. Lots of people stopped to say hello to this cat; it was incredibly nice and playful! At one point it was chewing on my shoelaces. I passed him twice during my errands today, and each time I stopped to pet him; it really made my day to play with such a nice animal!


Typhoon Bolaven

Well it looks like Korea’s about to be hit by another typhoon. This one is supposed to hit sometime mid this week; the last report I saw said Wednesday. The last time we had typhoon weather an umbrella turned out to be completely useless. The rain came down at such an angle that there was no way to block it without a poncho. As a result, when I got to work my pants were soaked. Hopefully this time I will fare better.


Usually I’m one to avoid needles, I also have frequent back pain. That being said, I really like to try new things and explore different options! Today I decided that I was going to try acupuncture.

In Korea, acupuncture is used as a traditional form of pain relief and remedy. My session started with an electrical massage. This is a machine that literally shocks you and makes your muscles move. It’s a very minimal amount of electricity, and I’ve had this done for physical therapy back in the United States.

Next up where the needles. I had 25 acupuncture needles put into my back. It took the doctor about three minutes to put the needles in, and it was quite painless. Along with these needles came a moxa treatment. This is where they burn incense on you. Today mine was mugwort.

The needles were left in my back for about 20 minutes. By then the moxa treatment had ended, and the needles were ready to be removed. My attendant then put a hot pack on my back to relax my muscles. Just before I left she put a muscle relaxing patch on my back.

This whole experience was quiet relaxing, and incredibly inexpensive. I thought that it would cost much more, but in the end this whole treatment costs only ₩5500! (that’s less than a value meal at a McDonald’s)








Changdeokgung revisited

I went back to the palace, and this time I had much less of a headache! I walked around the palace for a bit and then I took the secret Garden to her. If you get the chance definitely take the. Tour. I personally don’t like going on tours, but this is the only way you can see the secret Garden. This is a great place to visit!