Give a dog a bone

This pup started following me one day. I was eating ice cream, so he might’ve been interested in that. He followed me a few blocks until he became interested in another person. I actually don’t see too many stray dogs in Korea. Cats on the other hand are an entirely different story.


Exchange rates

The exchange rate has constantly been getting better between Korea and the United States. Today I exchanged 1.2 million Korean won for $1067. Last month I exchange the same amount for $1050. In either case, I asked for a better exchange rate. The exchange rate was only marginally better, but it does mean that I got an extra few dollars out of the trade. So if you need to exchange money be sure to dress nicely and don’t be embarrassed to ask for better exchange-rate. Smiling and a good attitude doesn’t hurt either.

iPhone OS 6 panorama

Yesterday I downloaded the new operating system for the iPhone, OS 6. One thing that I was really interested in was the panorama feature for the camera. I have tried several different panorama apps, and I like each one for different reasons. The panorama app for the iPhone is nice if you want to do just a straight across panorama. Here’s an OS 6 panorama of some construction in my city.