Dolsamgyeopsal (돌삼겹살)

Dolsamgyeopsal (돌삼겹살) is the same as samgyeopsal except it is cooked a little bit differently; it is grilled on a slab of stone.  A gas stove heats the slab at an angle that allows the grease to drip off the lower end.

The usual accompaniment of samgyeopsal are onions, mushrooms, kimchi, tofu, and potato.


The ingredients can be arranged in any order you like, but usually the pork goes mid way and the kimchi goes at the bottom to absorb some grease.

At this restaurant there are several side dishes including mashed potato, steamed pumpkin, pickled onion, greens for wrapping, and sauces.dolsamgyeop-150 The ingredients are cooked on both sides until almost ready.dolsamgyeop-151 Next, everything is cut with scissors and tongs.  Scissors are very common when eating at a grill restaurant in Korea. dolsamgyeop-152 After a little bit longer everything should be ready to wrap and eat! dolsamgyeop-153

The grill keeps going while you are eating.  It can be turned off if the food begins to overcook.  dolsamgyeop-154 As always, wrapping the meat with other sides is common in Korea.  Here is a picture of samgyeopsal being wrapped in a sesame leaf.dolsamgyeop-155 After most of the meal is finished, rice can be added to the stone with the remainder of the ingredients.  This is another common (and delicious!) practice in Korean cuisine. dolsamgyeop-156Samgyeopsal is great, but Dolsamgyeopsal (in my humble opinion) is the best! Either meal is a must-try for visitors to Korea.

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