Military performance at my school

A couple weeks ago there was a military parade at my school for veterans of the Korean War.  Here are some videos from their practice and their actual performance.

I had to catch part of the performance during their practice, and part of it during the performance because I had to teach a class during part of the event.  In the third video you can here some of my students when they found me among the spectators.

Pet Beetles

Kids love to play with bugs, and Korea is no different. In Korea it is popular for kids (usually the boys) to have pet beetles! These are not small half inch beetles that you find under a rock. The popular beetles to have are around 3 inches long! I decided to have a pet beetle for a while when I found one crawling across a street one day; most students buy theirs from the super market’s pet section. You can feed the beetles fruit, but the best option is a special beetle jelly that does not attract fruit flies.

Shell fish in Korea


One of my favorite meals in Korea is grilled shellfish!  It is not cheap, but it is very delicious if you enjoy shellfish.20131029-212512.jpg


First, these are grilled, not boiled.  You can order a boiled dish, but I like them grilled.20131029-212455.jpgAs you can see, there is a wide variety of shellfish! The big ones and the half shells are my favorite.

20131029-212523.jpgHere is the first round of shellfish.

20131029-212535.jpgAs the shells cook over the grill, the clams start to open. Once they do, the meat can be eaten or added to a sauce that also cooks on the grill.  The juice from the shell fish can also be added to the sauce.

20131029-212545.jpgIt is also tasty to add chili pepper paste to the sauce! 

It is a fairly easy dish to cook, once you are done with the shells, you just toss them into the trash can.  Be careful though, if some of the shells get to hot, they tent to crack and throw some of their shell fragments.

Father and Child Team Cooking Contest


I was waiting to get my hair cut one day when I noticed that there was an event happening on the street below me.  Later I went down to check it out. 20131029-212311.jpg

It turned out to be a cooking contest for fathers and their children. I didn’t stay for long, but it looked fun.  There were many entries, and many of them had cute themes.  I really enjoy seeing these kinds of events.  20131029-212321.jpg

The judges walked through the aisles of dishes with a pen and paper.  Each of the dishes were unique and looked delicious! 20131029-212330.jpgBy the time that I had arrived, the contest seemed to be in the second half.  All of the cooking was complete, and the contestants had their attention directed toward the stage.  The judges were in the process of judging, and some of the children were getting distracted.  As I was leaving, an older sister cam to collect her sibling from wandering too far off.