Jeju Black Pig

One of the most famous meals from Jeju Island is the grilled black pig. This meal was one of the best that I had on Jeju; it was greasy, smokey, and delicious!

It is cut a little different from korean samgyeobsal; on the outside pieces you can still see the pig hair in the skin. Though I did not try the skin, the rest of the pork was unbelievably good!


Udo peanuts

Udo is an island off the east end of Jeju. The name udo means cow island. I have heard that this is because locals think the profile of the island looks like a cow laying down. Udo is very well known for it’s peanuts; while I was on there I decided to try some ice cream with Udo peanuts on top. It was delicious!



Mount Hallasan is the tallest mountain in South Korea. It is a volcanic mountain centrally located on the island of Jeju. While I was in Jeju City, I stayed at a guest house that had a cat. One day the cat sat on a map of Jeju in the place of hallasan. Since “san” in korean means mountain, I decided to change the name of this scene to hallakoyangi; koyangi is korean for cat. Halla-cat!