Surprise Cake

Today I was met with a pleasant surprise other than that most of my classes were canceled due to career day.  Actually, all of today has been great!  The day began as I woke up from a full eight hours of sleep; these days more sleep is necessary due to my doctor telling me to lay off the caffeine for a while.  Once I arrived at school I found that the first three classes were canceled due to career day, and later I discovered that my fourth class was canceled due to some assembly for the students.  Next, I had lunch; Wednesdays have a lunch campaign of “clear your tray” to avoid waste.  cafeteria finds that the best way to make this campaign effective is to serve a delicious meal.  So today we had some tasty bibimbab. During lunch I was invited to take a survey for KOSTAT (Korean Statistics) concerning foreign workers.  As a thank you, I was given a 5,000 won gift certificate.  As I was walking back up to the office I had no idea that the best part of the day (that I yet know of) was yet to come.  I arrived at the office with one of my co-teachers to see that the other co-teacher had prepared a cake for celebrating my second year in Korea!


It was a delicious mocha flavored cake with macaroons on top! I am very grateful to have such kind and fun co-teachers! Once the candles were lit they began singing a pieced together version of “Happy Birthday”, but changed to “Happy Two Years”.


By the way, Korean cakes tend to be very well decorated.

2 thoughts on “Surprise Cake

  1. That is indeed a notable occasion, Mike! I was impressed with your plan as you explained it when we visited in LA the last time and I am thrilled for your adventure. You have embraced the people, the culture, the school, and the experience….it is no surprise that you are embraced right back!!

    It has been fun to learn about Korea…thanks for your posts!

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