Two Years in South Korea

Today marks the completion of my second year (and contract) in South Korea.  Actually I arrived in Korea on the 20th of May 2012, but I count the 21st as my arrival date since that is when I arrived at my Korean hometown.  In these two years I have learned so much about Korean culture and history.  I have learned some of the language as well, but that definitely needs more focus.  These have been some of the best years of my life, and there is no sign of that ending.  Last week I signed my third contract in Korea.

Currently I am pursuing my masters in TESOL through the University of Missouri (Online).  Having finished my first semester, I am excited for the next, and am looking forward to learning so much more.  I would recommend the University of Missouri’s online program to anyone who is considering a masters while teaching English (especially in a foreign country).  This program has been both flexible and straightforward in terms of time and instruction.

If all goes according to plan I will stay with EPIK (English Program in Korea) for at least one more contract, possibly two.  By the time I finish this new contract that I have signed, I will be mostly finished with my masters.  I will then sign my fourth contract and finish my masters.  My goal is to teach at a Korean university after my 4th or 5th contract with EPIK.

After that I have no solid plans, but I am looking forward to spending many happy years in South Korea.


One thought on “Two Years in South Korea

  1. May 21st was my Mother’s Birthday, and it’s nice to think has another happy significance. Way to go dear Michael.

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