Sewol Memorials

Last week there was a terrible accident in South Korea. A ferry carrying mostly students capsized and sank with many of the passengers trapped inside. Since the accident, the whole country has been in mourning; school trips, parties, and even TV shows have been canceled in memory of the lives lost.
Here in Jochiwon, far from the coast, we have a memorial in front of the train station. It started with a few ribbons with words of prayer and condolence and quickly grew.

Most countries come together after a tragedy, an Korea is no exception. The whole country has been touched my this event.


Magoksa (temple)

My school likes to do group activities on Wednesdays. Usually we play volleyball, but last week we went to Magoksa. Actually, we went to the same temple almost exactly one year before.

Basically we just drove there, looked around, and ate dinner. The temple was decorated for the spring season; lots of people like to get out into nature when spring rolls around.

It was a fun day, and it is always nice to leave work early.

Jeju Black Pig

One of the most famous meals from Jeju Island is the grilled black pig. This meal was one of the best that I had on Jeju; it was greasy, smokey, and delicious!

It is cut a little different from korean samgyeobsal; on the outside pieces you can still see the pig hair in the skin. Though I did not try the skin, the rest of the pork was unbelievably good!


Traffic collisions in Korea

As I was walking home one night I saw what has become a somewhat common scene; two tow trucks racing down the road. Traffic collisions happen in every country, but the response to these collisions certainly varies. In Korea, tow trucks drive insanely fast to reach the collision site first. I think the people involved in the collision have a chance to figure out different rates, but the first truck there is probably the most likely to get the job.

So this night, for example, I saw these two tow trucks racing above the speed limit down the road with their lights flashing. About 20 seconds later I saw another tow truck driving above the speed limit down the same road. In another 30 seconds, yet another tow truck drives down the same road. About one minute after all of these trucks have driven past, I see more flashing lights. These lights belonged to an ambulance that was driving within the speed limit. After another 30 seconds I see a police car driving at about the same speed with its lights on.

So, as long as you’re not seriously injured, you should have no worries with the logistics of the aftermath of a collision in Korea.

As I was walking further, one of the same tow trucks sped down the road in the opposite direction.